“Involved Youth 2.0” in Poland


Title: Involved youth 2.0

When: 31.07 – 10.08.2023

Where: Wojnicz, Poland

Who: 5 participant from Praxis Greece / current residents of Greece

(Pax age: 16-30, Leader: older that 18)

Travel reimbursement up to 275 euros

*For the participants who will be under 18, we will need the consent of parents. We will rather want to host 18 + youth, minors will be approved only in case of lack of older participants.

Information about the Project:

Participants will learn about the dangers of youth indifference to public affairs. EU policies to promote youth civic engagement and the opportunities for young people to participate in public life. They learn about concrete activities and supporting initiatives civic engagement that they can implement in their community among their peers. Their interest in politics, content and political events will be strengthened and they’ll be able to transfer this effect to their peers. The implementation of the acquired theoretical knowledge starts with an open discussion with the young people on site, where the participants have the opportunity to personally motivate young people to actively participate. The participants’experiences during this meeting are crucial for building and strengthening their capacity to spread the acquired attitudes after returning to their region.

The young people will be better able to deal with the different cultures they’s encounter in their lives.

After participating in a youth exchange, participants will stay in touch. Especially online communication via socialmedia is done by the young people themselves. This gives them the opportunity to constantly exchange new experiences and develop themselves further.

In Poland, participants will organise an open discussion for local youth and relevant stakeholders to strengthen and support the civic engagement of young people from Ryglice. By listening to young people’s opinions and seeking their input on the issues presented, the gap between participants’ theoretical knowledge and local reality will be bridged. Through a social network campaign explaining the youth exchange and its dissemination, friends, acquaintances of acquaintances will share the experiences of participants and residents at regional, European and international level.

After the end of the Youth Exchange, participants will discuss issues related to youth civic engagement with stakeholders from their communities by organising workshops and sharing with themtheir views on active participation.

  • Upon return to their home country, participants will have the opportunity to engage in existing discussions related to youth empowerment and active citizenship. Young people will be empowered to raise their voices against the indifference of young people in their local society.
  • They will interact with the people they meet, including other young people:

Explaining to them the need for their involvement in society, their participation in decision-making processes and especially their participation in elections.

The participants:

  • Will be able to describe, discuss and explain statistics, research and strategies for youth participation at European level and analyse current EU policies and initiatives in support of youth participation.
  • Can describe activities they or their peers can develop to participate in civil society and make a difference in their community.
  • Can describe and give examples of methods of non-formal education and experimental learning.
  • Can generally understand and describe how the decision-making process works,
  • Can describe and understand the objectives and opportunities for young people and youth workers in the Erasmus+ Programme,
  •  Can develop a Youthpass, self-assess the learning process and distinguish key competences,
  • Will be able to create content on social media and draw public attention to a specific issue.

Partner organisations:

  • The methods and skills acquired by their members will help encourage local youth to actively participate in civil society and the local community;
  • Partners will learn new ideas, innovations and best practises that participants will bring to their organisation,
  • Partner organisations will raise awareness and promote youth activities engage in civil society and raise awareness about the dangers of youth indifference,
  •  gain new contacts and partners for cooperation in the field of work and participation with young people.

Profile of Participants:

  • Youth 18+
  • 5 youth + youth leader (no age limits)
  • With basic experience in youth participation
  • Communicative in English
  • Gender balance (50/50)

Moreover Participants:

  •  should have a positive attitude towards intercultural learning
  • be open-minded, flexible, and willing to engage in group activities
  • interested in raising their knowledge on Erasmus + Programme
  • motivated share their experiences during the follow up period

When and Where:
If you choose to attend the youth exchange by plane, please book your flights to KrakowAirport, which is the closest airport to our venue. You can check available flights at:


Remember that you must arrive on time for the program’s start and leave after the program has ended. Reimbursement of your travel expenses is conditional on your participation in all program activities.

The youth exchange will take place in WOJNICZ – YOUTH HOSTEL in Lesser-Poland voivodeship, Poland. The program begins on July 31st, 2023, and ends on August 10th, 2023. You can take a train from the Krakow airport train station to Kraków Główny, then to Tarnów, where our team will take you to the venue. If you encounter any difficulties during your travel, please contact us for assistance. Please note that only bus and train tickets can be paid for in cash. Aeroplane tickets must be purchased via bank transfer, credit card, online transfer, or payment order.

Your travel plan must be approved by ORNAMENT before purchasing the tickets.


Place where you are going to stay:

The venue is located in a charming village, with shops nearby which is

very convenient.The participants will be accommodated in shared dormitories (2-4 beds perroom) with other participants of the same gender. Towels and bathroom supplies are not provided, so make sure to bring your own. The building will have WIFI, but there is only one big bathroom on each floor.

All meals will be served at the venue.


Application: https://forms.gle/voPWuihaoJUgqW3a6

*we will reply to you if you were accepted within three days.

Good luck!


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