”What’s cooking?” in Netherlands

Title: “What’s cooking?”

When: 03-17/07/2023

Where: Gasselternijveen, Netherlands

Who:  participant from Praxis Greece / current residents of Greece

(Pax age: 16-21)

Travel reimbursement up to 275 euros

Participation fee of 70,- Euro for the organization

*For the participants who will be under 18, we will need the consent of parents. We will rather want to host 18 + youth, minors will be approved only in case of lack of older participants.


Information about the Project:

What is What’s Cooking?

What’s Cooking? Is a youth exchange with the emphasis to use cooking as a tool to practice and improve communication & cooperation skills. There is no need to be a Michelin star chef if you would like to come or that you have a lot of experience in cooking, that you know tons of recipes or that you know all the flavors and cuisines in the world. What we do ask of you is that you are curious to improve your cooking skills, that you are interested in learning more about cooking and different meals, recipes, and so on, and that you are willing to work together with people coming from completely different cultures, cuisines, flavors and meals.

P.S. This is not an exchange in which you will learn recipes or cooking techniques.

Cooking is the main tool used in the exchange!


During the exchange we will focus on:

Challenges, competitions and activities connected to cooking, cooperation & communication. Think of challenges as you can see in famous cooking shows like masterchef.

Investigate where the food is coming from: make a reportage/documentary on

different food sectors. This will be done spread throughout more days in which

you in a sub-group visit farms, interview them, make a video reportage, etc. all to

show the viewer the origin of the food he is putting in his mouth Your own restaurant! You as a complete group will make a restaurant at the premises of the accommodation and invite locals to come for a meal in your restaurant. As a group you’re accountable for dividing the tasks, decorating the restaurant, making the meal and all aspects which is related to a successful restaurant.


For who:

The exchange is for you if you are aged between 16 to 21 and if you are interested

in food & cooking as well as learning more about other cultures and way of living.



The exchange will take place at holiday park Hunzepark, in Gasselternijveen.


The group accommodation you will stay at has WIFi, a spacious kitchen, spacious

living and training rooms. Each bedroom has 2 or 3 boxsprings beds and a private

bathroom. In the park you can also find laundry service (paid), swimming pool and

a cafe, despite a beautiful park landscape with a lake.

Mind that you will be taking care of the accommodation as a group: in

cleaning, preparing breakfast & lunch and cooking yourselves for everyone.

Campaign explaining the youth exchange and its dissemination, friends, acquaintances of acquaintances will share the experiences of participants and residents at regional, European and international level. After the end of the Youth Exchange, participants will discuss issues related to youth civic engagement with stakeholders from their communities by organizing workshops and sharing with them their views on active participation.

Upon return to their home country, participants will have the opportunity to

engage in existing discussions related to youth empowerment and active citizenship. Young people will be empowered to raise their voices against the indifference of young people in their local society.



The costs for food and accommodation are covered, however, there is participation fee of 70,- Euro per participant. That is due to the outdoor activities we are going to organize which require the rent of specific material, cars and services.

You can spend this money in a way that suits best for your travel to and from Hunzepark and if you save money, it is yours and you can use it to cover your participation fee.

Make sure that you receive the Green Travel info pack.



Arrival date: 03/07

Departure: 17/07

After receiving confirmation of participation, you can book your ticket according to these details. In the early morning there are no trains departing to the airports, the most convenient for you is to arrange a flight which departs in the afternoon or

evening. Your presence and participation is obligated during the entire duration of

the exchange. If you wish to arrive earlier or depart later from The Netherlands, please let the organizers know. Arriving earlier or leaving later from the accommodation is not possible.

Weather in Netherlands can be crazy. Bring warm and light clothes, but most of all, bring rain proof, comfortable and old clothes as well, mostly for the outdoor activities!

More practical information will be shared after on with you should your participation be confirmed.




*we will reply to you if you were accepted within three days.

Good luck!


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