ESC in France!



Name of the project: “Let’s live Europe in Sarthe”


Dates: 23/08/2023- July 2024 (11 months)


Where: Le Mans, France


Who: 14 volunteers from Greece / current residents of Greece

(pax age: 18-30)



We are the Europe House in Le Mans in France and we have 14 open volunteer opportunities for the end of August 2023.



The project


“Let’s live Europe in Sarthe” is a collective ESC project in the region of Le Mans, in France. The project starts at the 23rd of August for 11 month until end of July 2024. It involves 14 volunteers in different places of volunteering, with a common goal: to educate on Europe, cultural diversity, mobility, and help people to get more easily in touch with Europe in making it more concrete by exchanging with people from different European countries. We strongly believe that meeting others can help strengthening open-mindedness, equality, diversity, and citizenship, and our team of volunteers is taking on this challenge all year long!



More information about the different projects you can find here, please read them carefully :



How to apply


This project is coordinated by us, the House of Europe in Le Mans. You will mainly be in touch with us during the application process, and at the beginning of your ESC to settle there. All administrative and financial aspects of the projects are managed by the House of Europe. To consider your application complete, we would like to receive from you:




·         A CV

·         The application form (which you find attached to the mail)

·         A video in which you tell us:

·         What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

·         One fun fact about your country!

·         What would you pack to bring with you to live here for a year?






Good luck!