Praxis Greece
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⭕️Name of the project : Mediart project

🗓When: i) 2months (July-August)
ii) 3 months (June-July-August)
iii) 7 months (June-December)

🌍Where: Serres,Greece

👤Who: participants from European Union . Not for Greek residents

European ESC Programs

Are you between 18-30 years old? Get ready to live a unique experience and gain recognized skills with an official certificate.
If you are unemployed and you don't have to wait... recruitment, if you do not have any obligation that would keep you here in Greece in the coming months.
   If you want to live a unique experience, to learn or improve a foreign language.
If you want to gain useful experiences, skills and abilities for your personal, educational, social, political and professional development, thus improving your employability and active participation as a citizen...

   Check out this great opportunity for an ESC program, everything is paid for by the program.

The participants after the end of the program will be given the Youthpass certificate which is recognized throughout the EU.
The program fully covers the costs of accommodation, coordination, internal movements, activities, and reimburses 275 or 360 euros (depending on the distance of the country), euros from the costs of the return trip.

In addition, the volunteers have full medical care, as they are included in the insurance program of people participating in the Solidarity Corps program. Each participant also receives a monthly allowance.
The Volunteering Schemes in the European Solidarity Corps are one of the best and most organized for level work. The program does not require special knowledge or qualifications in most cases.
If you are interested in participating, send your resume in English with reference to the program you are interested in participating in! and fill out the application
An information package for these programs is given to candidates who will declare their interest IMMEDIATELY. send resume in English, in mail praxis@praxisgreece.com
Due to the expected high number of applications, only selected candidates will be informed of the next steps.


Application: https://forms.gle/gFH6qgCpXrfU98x28