Exploratory seminar in Ferreira do Zezere, Portugal

“It’s Time”

07/06/2023 – 14/06/2023

Ferreira do Zezere , Portugal


“It’s Time” exploratory seminar in Ferreira do Zezere , Portugal just finished.

One week training course (07/06/2023 – 14/06/2023) with main topic the “Sustainability”. I learned a lot of things that i didn’t know before but not only about the Sustainability. I learned about the 5 P’s , 7 R’s , about participation & team working, communication & presentation skills , tips & tricks to live more sustainable e.t.c..

Also, I really enjoyed all the energiser games & team building activities and the trip that we did in Tomar in the 3rd day as well . Remarkable was the fact  that we ate only vegetarian foods for a week. It was so delicious and i will start eating more healthy after this project.

The facilitators did really good job and I made a lot of new friends for the other two participant countries ,Spain & Portugal.

Last but not least I want to thanks my organisation Praxis Grecce Serres for this opportunity.

Eleftheria Alevra

My adventure in Portugal starts early with the starting point Greece. We got on the airplane and we reached our first stop in Venice and our trip was still ongoing. Later in our second one Lisbon we took the bus and we reached our destination, a small town called Ferreira Do Zêzere. Then everything started…

There the Greek team, with the other two teams Portuguese and Spanish we all started our sustainability journey in the explanatory seminar of “It’s time” project which belongs to KA2 Erasmus+ programmes. There we discussed a lot about active participation and how someone can be active and help its communityOf course, we also talked and did several workshops about sustainability and environmental issues for how to be sustainable in your everyday life in simple ways

Some things that our trainers Lili and Afonso said were shocking to us and all together we understood how much damage we do to the environment. During the projectwe visited a small town nearby called Tòmar and we implemented interesting activities. After seven days of us living all together we went back to our countries and started to organize ourselves in order to take actiondisseminate this interesting project and ideas and do some workshops to help our local communities. It was an experience that will never forget.

Zoi Grammenopoulou

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