“Wo+Men rights” in Portugal

“Wo+Men rights”, 

Trainig Course

18 – 26 June 2023,

Arrouquelas, Rio Maior, Portugal


This training course, titled ‘’Wo+ Men Rights’’, was an amazing experience. Our stay took place in Rio Maior, Portugal for almost one week during 18 of June- 26 of July 2023. The participants were from Italy, Romania, North Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic and other countries. During this week I participated in lot of activities and discussions about the topic and I learned so many things especially about the perspectives of other’s culture, traditions and people about the rights and the discrimination based on the topic of the training course.

We were informed about the stereotypes, social norms, discrimination and established the definitions, related to the topic, in order to end up to the main problem, the gender-based violence. The most interesting part in my opinion was participating in activities in groups and in discussions about the different types of violence, because I had the chance to listen,understand ad realize the different opinions based either on the person either on their culture and surrounding, they also made me feel so comfortable with them through sharing their own stories and the social barriers, that I also spoke about mine.

It was an unforgettable life experience as I realized that discrimination and racism are some of the main reasons of the existence of gender-based violence, as the society does not help to eliminate them.

We also had the opportunity to visit Arrouquelas and Nazare, two amazing locations that helps us to learn more about Portugal and the culture there, having also a great time.

I would really suggest it for sure to someone who had never been to an Erasmus project before, in order to expand his horizons, his knowledge and to gain new experiences who will be aware of it for the rest of his life.

Konstantina Papa

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