“Ringing bells for balance” in Spain

“Ringing bells for balance”

Youth Exchange

3rd – 12th July, 2023

Puente Genil, Spain


“Ringing bells for balance” is a youth exchange -funded by Erasmus + program -, based on the development of both social abilities and inner strength to enhance the awareness of how important healthy and balance lifestyle habits are through different Arts expressions and disciplines. The aim is providing participants tools to manage to fight against stress, anxiety and lack of selfsteem through artistic instruments in support of their own welfare.

The expression of this experience of the Greek participants:

From 3 until 12 of July we took part in the Erasmus plus youth exchange ‘’ Ringing Bells for balance’’.  The youth exchange took place in Spain, Puente Genil, a small town in Andalucia.
The Greek team consisted of 5 participants and 1 leader.  The purpose of this youth exchange was to explore new ways and techniques to change our daily routine based on psychological and physical activities.
During our stay, we had the opportunity to learn many things about our personal growth, setting goals, reflecting our past-present and future. The workshops were focused on personal development and it was a step-by-step procedure followed by team building activities and exchanging ideas with people from other nationalities. We had the chance to meet young people from Spain, Hungary, Romania and Italy and learn about their culture. We definitely have to mention that the trip we took in Cordoba and Malaga was a really nice experience for us to explore Spanish culture, interact with locals and do activities connected to the topic.
It was an emotionally challenging project but the organizers made a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone which helped us understand the value of being self-aware. As educators and youth workers we will definitely utilize the lessons learned and implement some of the activities in our future actions, plans and curriculum.

Drosoula Karta

This Erasmus trip named “Ringing bells for balance” was a unique experience that gave me the chance to see life from another perspective. I also got the chance to meet people from a lot of countries, and listen to their stories but the most important thing is that i got the opportunity to develop my self-growth. The workshops where very interesting and interactive and the trips to Malaga and Cordoba gave me the chance to explore Spain. Overall, it was a great program!

Stavros Alpanopoulos


My experience at Puente Genil was an experience full of emotions. An experience of discovering yourself. An experience of empowerment and personal growth, and of discovering balance.
Learning the path that got you this far leads you to understand different paths of yourself and to plan your future in a better way. The contact with other cultures throughout this journey has given everyone something special, a different way of thinking and dealing with life. The workshops helped to achieve the purpose of the project. We dealt with anxiety, our self-esteem improved and we saw the personal growth become a reality. We got very close to nature and did a digital detox.Through dance we learned to express our emotions. Through the journey we learned a little more about ourselves.We learned about Spanish culture and authentic traditions.

Definitely the journey of self-discovery is difficult but fortunately there are people who can be your companions in this journey.

Eirini Kontou


This July i Participated in an Erasmus+ project. Being a member to this program made me realise many things about myself and the others around me. I learnt how to live a balanced life, learnt about other cultures and I also made many friends. Meeting people from other countries made me realise that although our differences we all have almost the same problems and experiences and in the end we are all the same. It was an experience that I didn’t know I needed. I unlocked many things from the past that were hidden and now I’m in a path of getting rid of them. I improved many aspects of my personality and I helped others do the same. Also, being in Puente Genil made us feel really close to nature and the environment and helped throughout the project. It was an unexpected and unforgettable experience and it motivated me to participate in other programs as well.

Apostolos Kleiotis


This summer i participated for the first time in an Erasmus+ project called  “Ringing bells for Balance” in Puente Genil, Spain. For me, it was a unique experience from many aspects. From the workshops that we did and the places we visited to the interaction with all these different cultures and their people. In these few days i’ve never been so emotionally charged so many times in my life and that helped me free more my emotions.This project made me appreciate and be proud of the long trip with all the ups and downs that made me who i am today and embrace my future. It also teaches me the importance of loving and focusing on myself in order to be happy and balance my life. Apart from all of these, i met new people from 5 different countries trying to learn as much as possible from them and connected with each of them with a different way. In conclusion, the thing that made this project special is that all of us that we were there had something in common: insecurities, a wounded path following a period of realization and willingness of improvement for the future. This was, i believe, why we connected so strongly with each other and throughout the project all of us tried to make the others feel special to support their individuality and the beauty of their uniqueness. I loved them and i hope to see them soon.

Alexandros Patralis

After participating in the Erasmus+ youth exchange “Ringing Bells for Balance” in July 2023, I returned home feeling lighter and calmer in mind. The experience taught me a lot, most importantly to feel comfortable with myself and fight my inner demons of the past.

Throughout the project I met a lot of people, learned about their cultures, visited a lot of places, learned about their history and created unforgettable memories.

Even if it is my first project, it raised the stakes enough to make me consider of participating in future Erasmus+ projects but also high enough to make believe that this experience is once in a lifetime, so I will hold it in my heart forever and thank those who gave me the opportunity to be part of this emotional ride.

Foteini Annastasiou

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