”It’s time” to talk about this project and sustainability

Clean up the valley of Serres.

In the framework of KA2 Erasmus+ programs”It’s time” is a project which focuses on sustainability topics and to raise awareness about environmental issues. Participants of the last Exploratory Seminar in Portugal organized a clean-up activity centered around a part of the Valley of Serres together with involvement of local people.

To make this experience more memorable, interactive games were introduced by the members of the project to better learn about sustainability and its benefits to the environment. This activity aimed to bring some knowledge to young people about environment and human impacts on itas well as how they can adopt habits more friendly to the environment.

Through “It’s time” project we have the opportunity to influence the communities in different level and contribute to the protection of the environment.

“It’s time” (Ka2 project) – Dessimination- Radio brodcast by Eleftheria Alevra and her guests!

“It’s time” is a KA2 Erasmus+ EU program that is still going on between the countries of Portugal, Spain and Greece. It focuses on sustainability, youth participation and environmental issues that exist in our planet. The last meeting took place a month ago in Ferreira do Zêzere, Portugal. It was an Exploratory Seminar where participants of the previous mentioned countries gathered to discuss about the different data on levels of youth participation, sustainable methods and work on activities regarding the environment and sustainability.
After this seminar, the Greek participants wanted to share the experience and knowledge they gained and they decided to disseminate them through a live radio broadcast. Eleftheria was leading this initiative and the other girls that participated in the same project, Georgia, Zoi and Despoina,helped her organize this broadcast. The goal of this activity was also to suggest easy ways people can make their daily life more eco-friendly and be truly aware of their impact on environment.
During this radio broadcast on Rodon FM some of our everyday habits were also discussed, such as how many liters of water one consumes per day or with what vegetarian or vegan products we can enrich our diet. All these were mentioned in order to reconsider and see how we can change or improve our lives and help as much as much as possible to preserve the environment.

Check the follow link to listen our broadcast for more and give us for feedback. DISCLAIMER: By listening to these songs you too,will be mentally transferred to Ferreira do Zêzere and be a part of our experience and music project.


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