Multiplier event ”First touch with a handy-skills”

On the 7th of September Praxis organized a multiplier event, called ”First touch with a handy-skills” in collaboration with the “UNESCO Club of Serres”, the local Animal Welfare Association, and the local group of University Students of Serres from the following departments of Business Administration and Graphic design. This twofold event took place in Praxis  Youth Information Center during the whole day, first part in the morning and the second one in the afternoon, in the framework of the “CURAE” Erasmus+ project in order to promote the goals of the project and some of the already existed outputs.

The first part, was more interactive and creative since people had the opportunity to attend a short workshop of sustainable and eco friendly jewelry. There, they also designed their own jewelries’ and wrote their own eco-friendly moto on it and after this the start to learn more information about the project and its goals.

In the afternoon, an open event took place in Praxis Youth Information Center, in order to be presented the story of the project, the steps that they have been doven, people’s activities, crafters’ stories and the new possibilities that exist on craft jobs.  There was visual material, such as videos, photos, leaflets and and some interactive activities so as to bring young people closer and share easier their experiences. 

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