“Peace Ambassadors” in Cyprus

“Peace Ambassadors” YE,
in Pervolia, Larnaca, Cyprus,
from the 15th to the 23rd of September 2023

PRAXIS’ participants implement in Cyprus The “PEACE AMBASSADORS” project in the frame of ERASMUS program cofounded by EU, that brings together 60 young participants from Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Estonia, and Romania. Its goal was to empower them to address extremism and radicalization in Europe. The project focused on promoting human rights, peace, equality, social inclusion, and using arts for multicultural dialogue. Participants explored topics such as reconciliation, peacebuilding, and overcoming cultural barriers. They learn about non-violent actions, conflict transformation skills, and their role in civic society. Also, The project aimed to enhance participants  competencies in non-formal education and peacebuilding, enabling them to spread ideas on non-violence to young people across Europe. Through non-formal education methods like team projects, movie screenings, simulation games, and role-plays, the project aims to foster an understanding of extremism, social exclusion, and hate speech. It also seeks to promote youth interactions, networks, and partnerships, while raising awareness and appreciation of different cultures.

Bellow the expressions and reports’ experiences of PRAXIS’ participants:

Participating in the PEACE AMBASSADORS program was a transformative experience. The programs focus on reconciliation, peacebuilding, and overcoming cultural barriers resonated deeply with me. Through engaging
workshops and activities, I gained valuable insights into the power of dialogue and understanding in resolving conflicts. The use of non-formal education methods, such as team projects and role-playing games, made the learning process fun and engaging. As a participant, I felt empowered with the knowledge and skills to be an advocate for peace and non-violence. PEACE AMBASSADORS mission to foster tolerance, intercultural understanding, and respect left a lasting impact on me, and I am excited to continue spreading these ideals in my community.
The PEACE AMBASSADORS program provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from other European countries and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges we face in today’s world. I had the privilege of meeting amazing people and learning about different cultures. Through these interactions the program enabled us to actively break down cultural barriers. I left the program with a sense of purpose, committed to contributing to peacebuilding and intercultural understanding in my own community. Projects like PEACE AMBASSADORS can be a beacon of hope for a more harmonious world, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this unique experience!

Δημήτρης Δεσλής


Participating in the Erasmus project ”Peace Ambassadors” in Pervolia, Larnaca, Cyprus, from the 15th to the 23rd of September was an incredibly enriching and transformative experience. The project aimed to promote peace and understanding among young people, and it left a lasting impact on my life. My time in Cyprus was filled with unforgettable moments and learning experiences. From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed with warm Cypriot hospitality, and it was easy to connect with fellow participants from different countries. This multicultural environment was one of the most rewarding aspects of the project as it allowed us to exchange ideas and experiences, fostering a sense of global unity. The project activities were diverse and thought-provoking. We visited Agia Napa, where we explored sculptures and artwork that conveyed powerful messages about peace and unity. The symbolism in these sculptures was moving and encouraged deep reflection on the importance of peace in our world. In Nicosia, our group had the privilege of visiting the House of Representatives, gaining insights into the political processes and diplomatic efforts aimed at maintaining peace in Cyprus and beyond.
One of the highlights of the trip was our visit to art museums in Nicosia. Art has a unique way of conveying emotions and ideas, and the artworks we encountered were a testament to the power of creativity in promoting peace. These experiences expanded my perspective on the role of art and culture in conflict resolution and peace promotion.
The impact of the “Peace Ambassadors” project on me was profound. It not only broadened my understanding of the importance of peace but also instilled in me a strong desire to actively contribute to peacebuilding efforts in my own community and beyond. The project emphasized the significance of dialogue, empathy, and cultural exchange in resolving conflicts and fostering harmony.
Moreover, the friendships formed during this project were invaluable. I connected with like- minded individuals who share a passion for peace, and these relationships continue to be a source of inspiration and collaboration in my post-project endeavors. Participating in projects like “Peace Ambassadors” is essential for young people. Such experiences provide a platform for personal growth, intercultural understanding, and the development of critical skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.
Additionally, they empower youths to become active agents of positive change in their communities and on the global stage. In a world often divided by conflicts and misunderstandings, the Erasmus project “Peace Ambassadors” in Cyprus demonstrated the potential for young people to bridge divides, promote peace, and create a more harmonious world. I wholeheartedly support the idea that more youths should have the opportunity to participate in such projects, as they not only benefit the individual participants but also contribute to a brighter, more peaceful
future for all of humanity.

Τόνια Oικονόμου


On September 15-23, 2023, an Erasmus + project was organized in Larnaca, Cyprus with the title: “Peace Ambassadors”. This was my first time participating in a program like this. I wanted to participate in an Erasmus + project for a long time, but my comfort zone was a big obstacle. Fortunately, I ‘took the risk’ and it was worth it.
The project was very organized and interesting. At first, I could not understand how was possible to pass a message with a non-formal education, since no one taught as that at school. So, when I experienced this method was beyond my expectations. In this program, since we were ‘Peace Ambassadors’, we discussed ways that will lead to a more peaceful world, that will make the youth participate more actively in politics, we emphasized in controversial laws, we made clear the demands of the younger generation and we created our own peaceful planet.
While we were working on the project, we also had a lot of free time to know better each other and have fun together. All the participants were incredible! They had a lot of energy, good mood, they were open-minded and positive, they cared about each other and they did not judge anyone. Besides the fact that we knew each other for a week we were from the first moment like a family. As you can understand, for me this project was an amazing experience which got me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot of interesting things. From this program, I gained new interests and concerns, I learned how to be calmer and more socialized and I made new friends. It was an incredible experience that I will remember forever. So,I truly believe that every young people should participate in an Erasmus+ project to live this amazing experience.

Athina Anastasaki


My experience lived in Erasmus+ program “Peace Ambassadors”  in Pervolia, Cyprus 15-23th of September, could be described mostly in feelings than in words. As a Greek participant who joined an Erasmus program by Youth Dynamics for the second time, I can confirm that the implementation of the program was incredible and through all the team building activities and workshops I felt more connected to the majority of the participants. Thankfully the weather was by our side, so we had the opportunity to enjoy great pilates sessions, national games and generally relaxing time in the beach. The accommodation was nothing less than amazing, as we enjoyed clean rooms and tasty food made by the local owner of the hotel, Mrs Foteini, who was a great hostess. Big thanks to Vasilis and the whole Cypriot team who were next to us during any difficulty that we had and took really good care of us. I’m sending a huge hug to Emily, the facilitator of the program, and all the Cypriot volunteers who made the best out of this project. It really felt like home to me….again!
I truly believe that every person in our age should live the Erasmus experience at least once in their lifetime, because in this way we, as the young generation, can grow culturally and socially. I am very proud that the Erasmus experience gave me the opportunity to improve the English language, travel to different countries, meet people from all over the world and broaden my mind in multiple ways. Always and forever thankful.

Βασιλική Οικονόμου


My experience in Cyprus program peace ambassadors whos unique. I met lovely people from Poland Estonia, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Germany.  It was fun and lastly, we had constructive feedbacks.
When it comes to myself, I think that gained knowledge, experience, such an amazing friends and also I really got to know the culture of the countries which was there. We had amazing workshops that I found them really open minded and the debate that we had to do left us all in sock. All people were so open-minded and helped others. I strongly believe that it was a life-changing experience and I really would do it again and the thing that young people in Europe should absolutely get to go to programs like that because they will broaden their horizons, gain knowledge and also meet amazing people. I really loved the whole experience and i am really excited to be part of another Erasmus + program soon. Thank you for everything ☺️

YOUTUBE VIDEO : https://we.tl/t-QtJqk9rqPe

Danai Niki Vatamidi


Participating in the Erasmus+ program as a peace ambassador in Cyprus was an amazing experience for me. Visiting the House of Representatives provided a unique insight into the political landscape, fostering a deep understanding of diplomacy and governance. Exploring the various art museums enriched my cultural perspective, allowing me to
appreciate diverse forms of artistic expression. The encounters with different artworks, each with its own story, instilled in me a profound sense of creativity and open-mindedness.
Moreover, interacting with fellow participants from various backgrounds broadened my worldview, teaching me the value of tolerance and cooperation. The programs emphasis on peace and diplomacy left an indelible mark on my beliefs and aspirations. This experience encouraged me to embrace diversity, advocate for harmony, and work
towards resolving conflicts. The Erasmus+ program truly transformed me into a more enlightened and empathetic global citizen, shaping my outlook on the world and my role in promoting peace and understanding among nations.

Meli Moutafidou


Participating in PEACE AMBASSADORS Erasmus+ project was an incredibly enriching experience. Immersed in a dynamic international environment, i had the opportunity to engage with diverse cultures, perspectives, and ideas. The connections i forged with fellow participants from different backgrounds fostered a deep sense of global community, broadening my horizons and challenging my preconceptions. This exposure to various viewpoints not only enhanced my interpersonal skills but also expanded your cultural competency, a vital asset in our increasingly interconnected world.
Throughout the Erasmus+ project, i gained invaluable skills and knowledge that transcended the classroom setting. The hands-on, experiential learning approach offered by the program allowed me to tackle real-world challenges, honing problem-solving abilities and adaptability. These practical skills are indispensable in today’s rapidly evolving job market,equipping you with a competitive edge and a heightened capacity to excel in diverse professional settings. The transformative impact of the Erasmus+ experience extends far beyond personal growth. The benefits ripple through communities, fostering a culture of open-mindedness and global awareness. Youth engaging in such projects serve as ambassadors of cross-cultural understanding, breaking down stereotypes and fostering connections that transcend borders. By participating in an Erasmus+ project, young individuals become catalysts for positive change, contributing to a more tolerant, inclusive, and interconnected world. This program is not merely an educational endeavor but a transformative journey that empowers youth to shape a brighter, more harmonious future for our global society.

Manos Banousis


Το youth exachange πρόγραμμα που πραγματοποιήθηκε στα Περβόλια Λάρνακας της Κύπρου Peace ambassadors ήταν μια όμορφη εμπειρία. Μέσω της μη – τυπικής εκπαίδευσης μάθαμε για τις κουλτούρες και τον τρόπο όπου λειτουργεί η κάθε χώρα μεταξύ Ελλάδας, Κύπρου, Ρουμανίας, Εσθονίας και Γερμανίας σε διάφορα πολιτικά και
πολιτιστικά θέματα. Παιχνίδια γνωριμίας μας έφεραν κοντά τις πρώτες μέρες και το πρόγραμμα συνεχίστηκε με εκπαιδευτικές εκδρομές, workshop και cultural night.
Απόλαυσα τις συζητήσεις με τους συμμετέχοντες από τις υπόλοιπες χώρες. Θεωρώ πολύ όμορφο το γεγονός ότι μέσω μιας κοινής – δεύτερης γλώσσας μπορείς να επικοινωνήσεις και να αναπτύξεις σχέσεις και φιλίες. Μάθαμε για την ιστορία της Κύπρου μέσα από παιχνίδια, παρουσιάσεις και επισκέψεις. Χορέψαμε παραδοσιακούς Ρουμάνικους χωρούς, ακούσαμε και τραγουδίσαμε Πολωνικά τραγούδια, δοκιμάσαμε Εσθονική κουζίνα και συζητήσαμε για την κατάσταση που επικρατεί σε Ουκρανία και Αρμενία, καθώς πολλοί συμμετέχοντες από την Γερμανική ομάδα ήταν Ουκρανοί και Αρμένιοι. Έφυγα γεμάτος από εμπειρίες, γνώσεις και φίλους όπου σύντομα θα ξανά δω. Τα προγράμματα του Erasmus+ είναι εμπειρίες ζωής και κάθε νέος πρέπει να γνωρίζει και να συμμετέχει.

Ioannis Kokkorakis


Participating in the Erasmus+ program, Peace Ambassadors, in Cyprus was a profound journey that deeply impacted me. Exploring the House of Representatives and immersing myself in art museums provided a rich understanding of diplomacy and cultural diversity. The interactions with participants from diverse backgrounds broadened my perspective, emphasizing the importance of tolerance and collaboration. Engaging in projects focused on promoting peace further enhanced my experience. Working collectively to address real-world issues strengthened my belief in the power of grassroots initiatives. These projects not only allowed me to apply classroom knowledge in practical settings but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards fostering harmony.
This transformative experience inspired me to advocate for peace actively. It ignited a passion within me to contribute meaningfully to conflict resolution and social cohesion. The Erasmus+ program equipped me with invaluable skills, empathy, and determination, shaping me into a dedicated ambassador for peace and understanding in our global community.

Dimitrios Thanasis


Participating in the Erasmus+ course on peace ambassadorship in Cyprus was a transformative experience that deeply impacted me. Engaging in workshops and discussions with diverse participants from across the globe broadened my perspective on global peace efforts. The immersive environment allowed me to understand the complexities of conflict resolution, fostering empathy and understanding. Through interactive workshops, I learned essential skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and cultural sensitivity. This experience not only enhanced my academic knowledge but also instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility as a peace advocate. It inspired me to actively contribute to fostering harmony and dialogue in my community, making me a more informed and compassionate global citizen.

Vasileios Zarmpozanis



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