“WONDER M.ARTAS \WOmeN Doing Karate and Judo are EmpoweRed M.ARTAS”


The project “WONDER M.ARTAS \WOmeN Doing Karate and Judo are EmpoweRed  M.ARTAS” has for main goal to women’s power physically and psychologically through martial Arts.

The duration of the project is 18 months From January 2021 to June 2022

Target of the project:

WOMEN aged +18 and older who live in rural areas. It is important to involve women who:

  • have economic and social difficulties and/or
  • have suffered from violence and/or abuse
  • are Immigrants/refugees
  • are Workers
  • are Students

The partnership is composed to associations who live and stay in Country where the women’s issue (gender gap, violence against women) is high: Italy, Turkey, Romania and Greece.

 Countries where the women’s issues are lower.

The project WONDER M.ARTAS wants to achieve this aims:

  • promote knowledge about martial arts as a tool for social inclusion, dialogue and equality;
  • promote the continuous practice of martial arts as a tool for empowerment and a factor for the realization of women’s talent in sport and, in general, of the social value of women;
  • prevent and limit the early renunciation of women to practice martial arts;
  • resize the cliché that considers martial arts as violent sports;
  • active involvement of the target audience, by supporting women in removing the specific obstacles that determine the gender gap and the predisposition of forms of collaboration and synergies with employers, families and institutions;
  • promote sports education by increasing the development of soft skills or transversal skills such as self-confidence and acceptance, respect for others, problem solving and sociability and professional skills, improvement of learning and communication;
  • stimulate the target involved in developing awareness of women’s rights, as well as on the tools for preventing and combating violence against women;
  • increase widespread knowledge, understanding and awareness of the various forms of violence against women;
  • decrease the stereotyping of the image of the woman;
  • promoting gender education as a factor of change with respect to sexist behavioural models;
  • enhance the sport of martial arts in order to encourage physical literacy in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals, such as motivation, trust, physical competence, knowledge and understanding of a value that is important for the human being;
  • promote the creation and development of a European network in the martial arts sector, which combines the practice of sports disciplines with the adoption of non-formal methodology;
  • increase synergies with, and between, local, regional, national and international policies to promote the benefits of martial arts and to support women with fewer opportunities;
  • increase the ability to operate transnationally through the exchange of good practices, compare ideas and methods in different sectors related to martial arts techniques and non-formal methodology through dialogue on the issues of rights and equality;
  • Stimulate dialogue and comparison with other cultures and countries; develop a sense of local and European citizenship in the target involved.

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