Youth Exchange in Lithuania!


Name of the project: “SOCIAL JUSTICE CLUB”

🗓When: 02-10 December 2023

🌎Where: Druskininkai, Lithuania

👥 Who: 5 volunteers from Greece / current residents of Greece
(pax age: 18-25)

💲 Travel reimbursement up to 275 euros

Welcome to the project “Social Justice Club”, where 25 youngsters from five different countries will learn together in a seven days-long exchange in the beautiful town of Druskininkai, Lithuania.



Join us in this journey to the depths of the concept of social justice! What is it, where does it come from, what does it mean in practice, and how do we apply it in real life?

Even though the idea of social justice appears everywhere, from political discourses to philosophy to conversations with a neighbor, it is not always easy to define what it actually means.

In this project, we will get to the very core of the concept, learning about how it came to represent different things for different people, how it guides so many of our ideals and how to turn it into an effective drive for building a better society.


· Be 18- 30 years old.
· Be a resident in one of the partner countries (Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain).
· Be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card or equivalent. Agree to the rules & terms of the project as detailed in the learning contract and sign and send it on time.



Accommodation, food and activities’ materials: 100% covered by the
Erasmus+ Programme.
If you spend more than the maximum budget (275 euro), we will not be able to refund you the difference.



Only the actual costs will be refunded.

Only public transportation will be refunded. Private cars, taxis and the like will not be refunded.

Reimbursement will be done after the exchange and will be conditioned to the compliance with the Erasmus+ Programme rules.It means that full engagement in the activities of the exchange is a requisite for the reimbursement.

You can stay in Lithuania for up to two extra days before and after the project. In case you want to visit Lithuania or if the itinerary suits youbetter this way, you can come up to two days before the beginning of the exchange and/or stay up to two days after its end.
Don’t buy any tickets without receiving a confirmation from us!


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