The second meeting of the project” WONDER M.ARTAS \WOmeN Doing Karate and Judo are EmpoweRed  M.ARTAS” that  has for main goal to women’s power physically and psychologically through martial Artsrealized in Ljubljana, Slovenia 21 – 24 January 2023.

On this meeting we were 3 persons per partner/country, much more than the 1st one (the kick-off in Italy) and we were all very happy to meet each other and continue what we started.


The first day of the meeting we wanted to get to know better all the organizations and to analyze the gender equality on the sport and working environment but also in the quality of life in each country.

On the session 1: Gender equality and women’s rights -ACTIVITIES GENDER EQUALITY RIGHT, each one National team analyze briefly the condition of Gender Equality (G.E.) in their Country based on Sport, on Job, and present research on the on-Quality life (sexism, violence against women) underlining the statistic percentage + needs of them.

The presentations were really interested and quite socking because we all realized that our goal is bigger, harder and more important so we can have a more powerful impact in our society.

On the session 2 we underline the benefit and techniques to increase empowerment and self-defense. The three ppt. presentations of Martial Arts as a tool of women’s empowerment: by ASD Heracles about Karate and  by Judo Liberty & Judo Golovec about  Judo,  were usefully informative and very informative even for any beginner!.


After these two sessions, we had our lunch in a really cozy and beautiful traditional restaurant, offered totally buy the hosting Organisation!

During our lunch we had the opportunity to know more about each other and to spend some relaxing time with a delicious traditional meal.  Our lunch break the Slovenian organization guided us through the beautiful snowy center of Ljubljana. The city transforms on the winter because of the cold weather but still remains beautiful with a lot of history and amazing landscapes.

Our last stop was in the castle which is up on the mountain. We walk through the city center to Ljubljana Castle. There a surprise was waiting for us. We went up to the castle in the restaurant we met one of the managers who offered us to try their local wine and to enjoy the view of the city from above.


The next day, in the morning we had free time to enjoy the city more but the afternoon was the moment of action.

During the Meeting session 3, We met all together in a sport center we discuss all together about our next moves and what we need to prepare before our next meeting. We worked also on Creation of questionnaires to follow women on their sports journey Project Wonder M.Arts! further actions.

Now, it’s time to Visit to Judo club Golovec,  the place where the Slovenian organization practices judo and gives judo lessons to small kids, adolescents to grown up people. We rere watching Judo class for children but also it was our seminar time!!! Seminar – Demonstration on tatami!  demonstration using judo and karate as tools for women’s empowerment. We were NOT ONLY Watching women’s & senior’s judo training we will be forced for the active practice!!! ….

All the participants had the opportunity to practice judo from the Slovenian and Romanian team but also to learn some basic moves in Karate from the Italian team. It was a team building practice and all the members came closer because we lived an intense experience all together with so much fun and willingness to learn.


After the practice we ate dinner all together and we enjoyed the last hours of the day. The hosting partner offered again the dinner, traditional Slovenian cousin. Delicious!


Next day was our departure day, the Slovenian team helped us with our transportation and like that this meeting ended with good memories.

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