“Something New” in Serres,Greece

Systemic outreach and development activities
for the Something new training course!


In the framework of the Training Course ‘’Something NEW’’, Praxis organized a
double folded dissemination event. The Systemic outreach and development
activities took place on 8 th of March in the Youth information Center of Serres and in
the office’s seminar area of PRAXIS Greece.
This “Something New” training course project aimed to explore the creation of
dynamic programs and add educational value to simple activities. Great focus was
given in various facilitation techniques and on the individual support to each
participant during the whole process of the training.
The feedback was more than positive and instructive, where some of the
participants addressed the programme as the initiative which broadened their
horizons and made them see the potential of youth in fostering positive change or
that it was the motivation to return in the youth working.

After this successful completion of the training, all these ideas, methods, tools and
experiences couldn’t remain in obscurity.
The ‘’Something NEW’’ project developed dynamic exchange experiences,
motivated the cooperation and gave insights on how to guide a learning process. For
that reason, PRAXIS wanted to share all of these with the local community through
some activities.
The first part of the activity addressed to local youth workers, educators and
facilitators where most of them came, for the first time, into contact with these tools.
This mini training was an opportunity for them to learn by doing, since short games-
activities happened where we could reflect on them afterwards and understand
better the purposes or motivation of each person. Moreover, interesting discussions
happened around the learning process, ways to support young people, educational
tools that can be used in different circumstances and how we can define our own
unique style of facilitation.

On the other hand, the local activity for young people couldn't be missed.
The second part of the event had another target group, which was the youngsters.
During this activity, a lot of them which are located in Serres joined our event in order

to learn more about the world of Erasmus+ projects and their magic. Based on the
learning outcomes of the ‘’ Something NEW’’ programme and the methods that
were implemented, the Praxis team at first gave them basic information about its
goals and its results.
After that, local young people took action and joined in learning games such as
team-building activities where they had to cooperate in order to reach their goal or
inclusion activities where they all had to find a way and fit in the circles that were
given to them. Of course, before these few ice-breakers take place, each person
takes their time and starts to feel more comfortable. It was extra impactful because in
this event also youth workers, facilitators and educators from the previous event
were there.
Feedback from both sides was quite inspiring and optimistic in order to repeat the
event, very soon.


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