Cultu-R-ural Youth Work: Listen to the rural

In a world where urban areas often dominate the
narrative, the “Cultu-R-ural Youth Work” program
stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation, focusing
on the often-overlooked rural communities.

This unique initiative aims to empower young people in rural areas by fostering cultural exchange, promoting community engagement, and nurturing leadership skills.

The project cultu-R-ural youth work was designed by Sciara Progetti for exchanging and sharing good practices aimed at re-qualifying and attracting young people in RURAL/MOUNTAIN areas. Through art, creativity, and cultural activities, the program aims to enhance the skills of youth workers and strengthen the capacity of organizations to design and implement impactful actions
and projects in their communities.

Their mission was clear: to create a dynamic and inclusive environment where rural youth could thrive.

The project is inspired by the outcomes of the Sixth Round of the EU Youth Dialogue, titled “Youth in Europe.” It aligns with several objectives of the 11 “European Youth Goals,” particularly Goal 6 (supporting youth in rural areas) and Goal 11 (strengthening youth organizations and European programs).

Sciara Progetti is an artistic production company founded in 2009 by young professionals with international training, settled in the Emilia-Romagna Region in 2012. The company combines theatre, education, and social inclusion, focusing on theatre production, youth work, and educational theatre workshops. Sciara Progetti views theatre as a means of improving citizens’ quality of life and seeks to balance cultural supply and demand nationwide. Their primary goal is to foster a social environment where theatre is seen as a vital resource for creating both conscious spectators and better citizens.

To achieve these objectives, the program gathered participants from Portugal, Greece, Estonia, France, Romania, Spain, Poland and Italy. They engaged in activities centered on youth work, specifically targeting young people from rural communities, while also incorporating elements of art, culture, and artistic expression. The Training Course (TC) took place in Morfasso from June 10th to 17th, 2024, including travel days.

Through the Eyes of the Participants

I am very happy to be a part of this team, everyone was really inviting, understanding and productive. What seemed as too complicated at the beginning, was later very well explained through a variety of activities and the whole experience became easier for us. The teamwork was amazing, I believe that everyone contributed to the project equally in their own way. I will miss all of the sweet, complex, interesting, funny, unique personalities I got to know here. 

– Katerina, Greece

It’s a very good experience to me. We meet incrédible peoples who don’t meet in an another context. We discover anothers cultures and we learn together. The management of this Erasmus+ is very cool with a lot of activities. We learn a lot thinhs while having fun. Thefood is fabulous. This is Erasmus + is “la felicita” 

– Ivana, France

The exchange emerged as an opportunity to get to know new cultures, particularly Italian culture, which has many similarities with Portugal. Rabbini from Morfasso took a piece of my heart! The biggest benefit, for me, was precisely this personal enrichment through sharing, while learning new customs (and some so different from mine!), or listening to stories about countries that I knew for their rich and immense history. The location of the project and the way it was organized allowed me to get the most out of this experience and that it contributed to my gastronomic development because I tasted really good and typical food. For those who are more skeptical, please note that I will maintain contact with these people, some of whom are in a friendly relationship that I had not considered at the outset. I created a completely different emotional baggage – more open to new challenges, more alert to new opportunities. Projects like these always develop our community status and the way we see certain aspects, and this one, in particular, allowed me to develop my vocation in non-formal education and contact with young people. The techniques used, the workshops held and the personal experiences made me feel like a different person. This project in particular developed my connection with nature as workshops were held outside the typical training room. 

– Diogo, Portugal

Amazing! This training was absolutely amazing! The view from premises is breathtaking. Trainers are very experienced, kind, funny and smart. Food is super delicious. There was good combination of work and fun. Laughter filled the rooms, everyone had good time! I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this
project. I am looking forward to future projects and cooperation. 

– Aire, Estonia

As my first project, cultu-R-ural has opened a world of possibilities for me. I’ve learned that making an impact in your environment is easier than Ithought and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. 

– Maria, Spanish

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