Empowerment Through Sports

PRAXIS offers opportunities via media and sports-cultural activities to young people. Inspires youngsters to participate and enjoy their work as volunteers in our activities and youth exchange projects.

PRAXIS offers opportunities to young people to express their creativities, spreading all interesting information for them and for their future life and employment. It also owns a non-profit making programme at the radio station ( www.rodonfm.net  ) and its broadcasts raise several issues (including healthy lifestyle, physical activity, (sports) voluntarism, equal rights) that concern young people.

Recently, PRAXIS has been actively working with youth refugees, where they brought together local youth with refugees to facilitate integration through sports

One of the events included “Football against racism”, which promoted mutual understanding and cooperation between migrant and local youth. Promotion at the place of the event (posters), photos of the festival for the Facebook posts and the video of the event can be found here:

https://www.facebook.com/1651727011762362/photos/pcb.1783890575212671/1783890185212710/?type=3 .

Also, PRAXIS extensively works towards promotion of equal rights and offers sports-physical education activities to underprivileged ones. 

PRAXIS is a partner in “Train with Brain” Erasmus+ Sports project, in which grassroot sports and sports voluntarism is being actively promoted. In this project, PRAXIS is responsible for encouraging local youth to participate in a new sports creation contest. PRAXIS does active promotion on the radio and coordinates youth in all related tasks in the application process. This helps PRAXIS to further include local youth into sports-cultural activities which eventually leads to them becoming more active citizens of their society.

Apart from all of the above, PRAXIS, together with a local football team “The M.G.S.PANSERRAIKOS, holds an International Tournament Academy Event, which stands against poverty and hunger. This event is created under the supervision of FIFA and the UEFA, and with contribution of goodwill ambassadors, world class footballers Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and other great football athletes.


Moments from there:

All things considered, given the knowledge, network & experience with youth initiatives that focus on the social wellbeing.