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“Give Peace a Chance” in Cyprus

“Give Peace a Chance” was a Training Course ERASMUS+ project funded by EU, implemented in Pervolia, Larnaca, Cyprus, from 12-20.10.2023, with the Hosting organization: ENAAL Cyprus. There were participants from PRAXIS GREECE and also from
other participants’ countries: Cyprus, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic.

The project aimed to enhance conflict management skills, focusing on emotional intelligence and communication for youth workers, and for this effectively organized, implemented, and assess youth activities for individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds, including refugees, migrants, and minorities. In today’s multicultural societies, local communities have become more diverse due to European mobility and the presence of refugees and migrants.

Understanding and addressing intercultural differences, communication codes, and stereotypes can be challenging but essential to combat xenophobia.
Through this project, empowered youth workers with competencies in emotional intelligence, conflict management, and communication.


Bellow the expression of PRAXIS participants:


I feel more than grateful for the opportunity to participate in the project.I experienced many people in the same age with me from other countries with different mentality,culture lifestyle and civilisation.If I hadn’t participated in the project I don’t think that I would have the chance to do so many things, discussions and activities that enabled me to interact with them so intensively and build such a strong relationship.The company was great and I learnt new things about various countries while doing creative workshops.That gave me a different perspective and broaden my worldview.Collecting such moments and experiences was something indeed priceless for a lifetime.The project was beneficial,I boosted my skills and I will definitely add it to my cv.Cyprus was such a hospitable place and they had arranged everything for us.Even though I have travelled to many countries doing my first Erasmus+  was a unique experience.Can’t wait for the next one!

Christina Galanopoulou


During October 2023 I participated in the training course “Give peace a chance” which took
place in pervolia, Cyprus. It was such a great experience for me. I met I lot of people from
different countries and I had the chance to hear about their feelings thoughts and previous experiences related with war. We discussed a lot about the negative effects a war can have.
We also discussed about the ways we can promote the piece all around the world. During
this training course I learned that we always have to process the information we receive
from news. And most importantly erasmus reminded me that we have to do our best to
make peace. It also reminded me that I have to appreciate my life and the things I have. I
think all people must participate in Erasmus+ training courses because in this way their way of thinking and acting will be improved. Erasmus+ can help people evolve themselves in a lot of fields. And last but not least during Erasmus+ you can make friends who will may be by your side forever.

Aristea Michaloudi


My experience in this training course was, in one word, wonderful. The topic had my
complete interest from the start and all the sessions and activities on the topic were quite
interactive, continuously generating important discussions and revisions of our cultural
backgrounds and of our ways of thinking. The Cypriot organizers really showed interest in
our needs and in our well-being, which was really great for creating a safe environment and
a welcoming atmosphere for all of us.
However, what has left the best impression to me personally was the connection of the
group. The time was short, but I already feel like I have lived moments with these people
that shape a very unique experience. I have laughed, danced, gotten into deep discussions
learned, and generally shared 8 days that I will remember for a long time.
I would definitely recommend taking part in Erasmus+ projects, as for me this is a perfect
opportunity to view different versions of yourself and of the world around you, to share
experiences and exchange thoughts and emotions, and all in all to learn and get out of your comfort zone while maybe being in a different country.

Maria Katsora

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