Stella Nigdeli


Hellooo everyone. My name is Stella. I am 21 years old and I study business administration, specifically interested in management marketing.

After the quarantine I felt stuck in one place. Then one day one of my friends said, there was an organisation which was teaching languages for free, and after hearing this I thought it would be a great opportunity to grab the chance to learn more and meet new people.

Time was passing and I felt myself getting more and more interested, it was not long until I realized I wanted to help in this organisation. Educating not only people but also myself in serious topics and also connecting with different people, locals and foreigners has been a part of my life that now I cherish more than anything else.

I also believe that it's a great opportunity to learn more about what I want to do and who I am as a person. I believe this is the most important experience I have in my life and I would recommend someone to join anytime.


Anastasia Lioliou


Hey guys! My name is Anastasia Lioliou, I'm 22 years old and I study interior architecture in Serres. In my free time I like riding my bicycle and listening to music. One thing that you need to know about me is that I'm really social and I love meeting new people. I choose to be a volunteer because I love traveling and creating new memories with interesting people that share the same passion and goals. In my life I have travelled a lot with my family and my friends but now with erasmus+ I have found a new way of travelling that combines volunteering purposes too. The main reason that I choose to be a volunteer is because I like to offer in my society and spread awareness for important and sensitive subjects that concern all the people around the world. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.


Deppy Papagiannopoulou


Hello everyone! My name is Deppy , I am 21 years old and study Economics in Serres . Personally, I love to learn new things and meet new people . Also, I never miss an opportunity to go on a trip . I became volunteer in Praxis because I think that is something beautiful about helping people around. Our society needs more people who cares about whats going on in our world .


Eirini Kotsidou


Hello everyone!

My name is Eirini Kotsidou and I am from Serres. I have studied in Ioannina, worked in Athens, and lived in Sweden. I have a master’s degree in Applied Biotechnology, but I also enjoy learning new languages and understanding the etymology of words and how they influence communication. I love reading books, binge-watching series, and traveling to places. My favorite thing to do is to drink freshly brewed coffee while reading pages from a book early in the morning.

Now regarding volunteering, I always wanted to give back to my community but since I was living abroad and came back only for small periods at a time I never knew how to start. Praxis and volunteering started in an unexpected way as if the stars had aligned that day. A bad connection in the library’s internet, made me leave early and as I was walking home, I passed by an office where I saw the 17 sustainable development goals. In a spontaneous decision, I opened the door, entered, and said “I want to volunteer”. This decision has given fruition to meeting great people, making memories, and learning new skills. I am looking forward to engage more in my community and making a difference. So to all of the people that are wondering how to volunteer and how to help, ask a friend, knock on the door, give a call, send a text, or drop an email!!


Thanos Kavakliotis


Hello my name is Thanos and I am a local volunteer. I was born in Serres and I currently live there too. I study Business administration at the international university of Greece. I love travelling and discovering new perspectives of life. I admire foreign cultures and I am very interested in learning new things and experiencing the life of other cultures. I think if someone goes into an Erasmus project, this experience can change his life. Τhere is nothing more beautiful than understanding how the people around you see the world . These are some of the reasons that made me join the Praxis team. I think that becoming a volunteer is a must for everyone because I want to help people however I can, and to make our planet a more friendly place for everyone. In my free time I play all kinds of sports, I deal with photography because I like seeing the world from a more artistic point of view. I hang out with my friends and I like going for a walk at the local park.


Konstantina Polimenopoulou


My name is Konstantina and I am from Serres. I am a Social Worker and studied Social Work in Democritus University of Thrace. I am a volunteer in Praxis. By volunteering I have the possibility of gaining new experiences, meeting new people and contributing  to the community of Serres. Also through my participation in Erasmus+ projects I gained non formal education experience and had the opportunity to learn how to interact more with other cultures. In Praxis I help the ESC volunteers on their campaigns and support them in order to integrate in the local community.

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Maria Gkanoglou


Hey everyone, my name is Maria, I am 22 years old and, currently, I reside in Serres, where I work as a trainee lawyer. In the future I wish to work as a legal practitioner on an international level and to engage in human-rights related matters, such as multicultural ones. Other than that, I love art - there isn't a single space in my apartment that isn't covered in paintings - and photography and reading books. Most importantly, I love sharing experiences with other people, since I wholeheartedly believe that common experiences help bring people together regardless of their differences. Volunteering in Praxis provides me the opportunity to put in use all my skills in order to help the foreigh volunteers, to engage in projects with other volunteers - local or foreigner ones - thus creating new and solid experiences. I do hope that I will have the chance to expand my experiences by participating in Erasmus + projects, thus using my skills and meeting new people outside local boundaries.


Sotiria Arampatzi


Hello there! My name's Sotiria and I'm a positive person who genuinely believes you get out of life what you are prepared to put in. In my opinion,a volunteer is someone who enjoys working alongside other open-minded people who want to make a difference in the world and improve it for the better, values and work ethics that I've come to realize 'Praxis' itself as a committed organization represents. The transferrable skills and qualities one develops when volunteering and being a supportive team member are of utmost importance because,in the end,I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone(-Bruce McLaren). And to really live your life,a quarter mile at a time,is the rarest thing in the world.


Panagiota Bacha


Hello guys!

My name is Panagiota, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Thessaloniki. I’m situated in Serres because I’m student in university and I study Economic Scientists. It is my last year in university and I take the opportunity to be a volunteer and improve my English.

I love any kind of sports, I’m easygoing person and I like to be around/meet people with different mindset of me and last I love to travel a lot. I decided to volunteer because volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, witch provides a natural sense of accomplishment. The role as a volunteer can also give you a sense of pride and identity.


Fani Papadopoulou


Fist of all let me introduce myself , my name is Fani , I am 20 years old and study Midwifery Science in Thessaloniki. Generally speaking , since I can remember myself I have been involved in many organizations and volunteering projects, due to I really like the feeling of offering … So, one day I decided to join the wonderful family of “PRAXIS” and since then my life has changed. Have you ever felt, that you found the meaning of your life that you have been looking for so long? I did! Now, the only word that perfectly describe what I feel is INVESTMENT. What I mean is that the organization changed my life, I met wonderful people, I participated in different activities, I helped organize a charity event, I traveled and improved my knowledge by gaining experiences. I feel very lucky that I am officially one of the “children’’ of the family PRAXIS .


Nikoleta Xartabila

Hey Everyone, My name is Nikoleta (or just Nikol if that's easier). I come from Greece and I'm 21 years old. I study Interior design and architecture. I love reading books and comics (yes a big marvel nerd here). I love travelling and learning new things about art. I recently became a volunteer to Praxis so I can be more active in my community and more aware of the problems our society is dealing with. By volunteering you can learn so much, help other people and even yourself.

Βίκη Κοτζαμπασίδου


I'm Vicky and I'm local resident of Serres. After finishing my studies I came back to my hometown without having something meaningful to be involved in. So I decided to join praxis as a volunteer. Why I believe I do something meaningful now? There is nothing more beautiful than offering to your society and same time improving yourself and skills and leave your impact!


Eleftheria Alevra


Hello everyone! First of all, in order to read this, it seems that you are also interested in learning - being informed about the voluntary organization's actions in Praxis. Right? As a local volunteer, I can say with great certainty that both the programs that I have participated , as well as the frequent contact with the volunteers here in Serres, have provided me with many experiences, friendships and new knowledge. Being 19 years old and a person who constantly wants to develop and explore the world, I think that these kinds of organizations are the most suitable for this. If not all the people in the world, surely the biggest part is, and for once in their life they have wondered "and what will happen next?" For this unknown "after", I also choose to have Praxis in my life so that I can find continuity.


Anna Gkoutzina


YEEHAWW🤠🥳 My name's Anna and I'm currently studying in Serres. I think someone's favourite colour says a lot about them so I'm gonna let you know that mine is yellow. I found out about praxis on accident and since then I haven't stopped enjoying the activities and campaigns the volunteers organise! Praxis gave me the opportunity to travel and meet new people, make memories, get to know other cultures and languages. Every single person associated with praxis always tries to make sure everyone is included, and that's what made me want to be a volunteer. I love the feeling of joining a team, doing things together and most importantly keeping in touch with people even after we've parted ways. Also helping others and educating people on serious matters is another thing that motivated me. I encourage everyone to join any type of volunteering programs since through volunteering you both do good to yourself and others:) that's all for now. yolo. swag.


Athina Chrysafi


Hi! My name is Athina Chrysafi. I was born in Serres and I live there. I have studied Educational and Social Policy in the University of Macedonia and I am a special education teacher and sociologist. At this moment I am studying my postgraduate in Creative Writing. I love meeting, helping people and traveling. Learning new languages and information about other civilizations is, in my opinion, the best type of education someone can have,as it opens our minds uniquely. Additionally, I like reading literature, listening to music non- stop, watching movies and series and discussing social issues. Art in every form is the way to express myself. Volunteering at Praxis and participating in Erasmus + gives me the opportunity to combine all of these interests and realize many of my countless dreams. I would like to acquire new skills and a more extroverted character and I think that generally the experience of volunteering and Erasmus can change a person only positively.

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Katerina Chatziathanasiou


Hi everyone! My name is Katerina and I was born and raised in Serres. I am a social worker and curently I’m studying for my Master in special education. I love traveling, reading books and watching series. I’ve always loved to help people and offer as I can to my town, so that’s why I was always a volunteer in various organizations. But being a volunteer in Praxis is the best one so far. Getting to know new volunteers from all over Europe and help them with the projects, apart from being a very fun and creative experience, it also helps me to grow personally. Αppart from making a positive contribution to the local community, Praxis also cooperates with various organizations in Europe, offering the opportunity to young Greek citizens to experience the erasmus+ programs, which are a lifetime experience.


Nikos Verros

Hello, my name is Nikos Verros. I was born and I live in Serres. In my free time I like to find ways to experience life from different views and learn more about the human nature. I’m interested about the harmonization between nature and human. That’s why my choices lead me joining the Praxis team to learn more about that and mainly for non-formal education. Also I like to meet, help and observe people trying figure out practical solutions for everyday esoteric problems. My experience so far with Erasmus + projects is still in progress but I can’t wait to expand it.

Panagiotis Moisidis

Ex Volunteer

My name is Moisidis Panagiotis-Georgios. I was born and I live in the city of Serres. I studied linguistics at the University of the Aegean and I have master degree in Education Sciences, Education using New Technologies. Furthermore, I have gained sufficient competence in adult education, while my scientific interests are related to the teaching of Greek as a second / foreign language, intercultural education, experiential education and education through new technologies. In Praxis, I voluntarily work as an external partner, mainly as a mentor and trainer of the EVS volunteers, with whom we organize several events and campaigns. Also, I teach English as a foreign language to beginner students. I love traveling and music, while I enjoy theater and poetry. I like sports and I support our city’s local club, Panserraikos.