📣Erasmus+ in Ukraine 🇺🇦 📣

Type: Training Course

Where: Lviv – Carpathians, Ukraine

Who: 3 participants

When: 4-13/7/2021

Title: “Go outdoors: outdoor education for social inclusion”

Application deadline: 3/6/21


Program Description:


The aims of the program are to equip participants with knowledge and information to conduct outdoor educational activities in theory and practice and to increase participants' ability to use outdoor activities as a tool to promote social inclusion.


Program Objectives:


-to provide participants with the foundations of the educational cycle of outdoor educational activities (Kolb cycle).

-teach them simple outdoor games with clear educational objectives that can be adapted to a variety of groups.

-provide a multi-day field trip and demonstrate how the trip can be used to create an extended learning environment.

-to improve teamwork and external skills.

-facilitate them in their personal development by allowing them to get out of their comfort zone.

-to understand the barriers to participation of certain groups in outdoor educational activities and to discover strategies to remove these barriers.

-to increase the capacities of the international dimension of youth work and to lay foundations in terms of knowledge, expertise and international networks – to organize   further actions based on outdoor educational elements to promote social inclusion.


Trekking experience and passport required.


Working language: English


For participation applications:




100% of accommodation and meals are covered and 100% of the tickets are refunded, up to the amount of 360 euros, within the European Erasmus+ programs.


Participants will be given a Youthpass certificate.


Good luck!

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