Meet the team

Find out more about the people who make out Praxis Greece


Panagiotis Moisidis


My name is Moisidis Panagiotis-Georgios. I was born and I live in the city of Serres. I studied linguistics at the University of the Aegean and I have master degree in Education Sciences, Education using New Technologies. Furthermore, I have gained sufficient competence in adult education, while my scientific interests are related to the teaching of Greek as a second / foreign language, intercultural education, experiential education and education through new technologies. In Praxis, I voluntarily work as an external partner, mainly as a mentor and trainer of the EVS volunteers, with whom we organize several events and campaigns. Also, I teach English as a foreign language to beginner students. I love traveling and music, while I enjoy theater and poetry. I like sports and I support our city’s local club, Panserraikos.


Kaiti Emmanouilidou


Katie is the president of Praxis Greece and all of Praxis tasks are coordinated and directed by her. Furthermore, she helps the volunteers in their campaigns and supports their research. The target group of all work are young people from the local society and in general the European youth. In order to support young people, PRAXIS fosters the cooperation between schools and youth organizations on the one hand and trains a European Youth Competence Team which transfers knowledge and experience on the other hand.


Anna Alevra


Anna is a professional journalist and project manager to ensure the visibility of Mediart and other local programs. Anna, believing in the mission of PRAXIS is helping in developing activities which are based on the philosophy of “Initiactive-Activity-Cooperation”. Via non-formal education, Anna mentors and helps young people to acquire abilities which may help them in their own professional future.