Katerina Emmanouilidou

Katie is the president of Praxis Greece and all of Praxis tasks are coordinated and directed by her. Furthermore, she helps the volunteers in their campaigns and supports their research. The target group of all work are young people from the local society and in general the European youth. In order to support young people, PRAXIS fosters the cooperation between schools and youth organizations on the one hand and trains a European Youth Competence Team which transfers knowledge and experience on the other hand.

Anna Alevra

Anna is the Programme Manager & Consultant of Praxis. She has over 20 years’ experience managing projects but also working hands on with youth in projects that are implemented in different European countries. Having worked at the local, national and international level, she has a broad experience as project manager, youth trainer and youth advisor, facilitator and coach. The themes of the programmes, projects and activities she has managed involve: youth policy, intercultural learning, cultural management, citizenship and participation, social inclusion, diversity, gender, antiracism, prevention of social exclusion etc. Through many years of experience in managing projects with volunteers, she has become an expert in participant& recruitment, training and monitoring, but also in supervising staff working in the youth sector. With regards to project management, her considerable skills include project monitoring and evaluation, media relations and marketing. In addition, she has an even longer career in journalism and PR—starting in the mid-1980s. She has worked for the press, radio and television, and has a wealth of experience on management for radio & television productions, promotion and advertising, organizing campaigns for raising public awareness, and campaigning and positioning in the social media.



Georgia Tsiaousi

Georgia holds a BA in Greek Literature from Democritus University of Thrace, specialized in Classical Studies and she owns a Certificate in Greek Sign Language. She is quite fluent in English and speaks French as well. Her great interest in the education field led her to participate in several certified teaching seminars both of formal and non-formal education, in Erasmus+ projects, Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, and in varied Voluntary Projects, such as educational, environmental, cultural and social ones since 2010. During her studies and afterwards, Georgia worked as a facilitator of formal and non-formal educational activities at the Central Public Library of Serres and of Reading Empowerment & Creative Writing Sessions at the Central Public Library of Komotini. Since 2015 she has been teaching to a wide range of students, as Ancient and Modern Greek to Greek high-school students and Modern Greek to foreign students, both underage and adults. She continues teaching voluntarily Modern Greek to immigrants and foreigners in NGOs. She is also well experienced in the fields of distance learning and digital literacy. Currently, she organizes events, workshops and campaigns as a Youth worker and the Mentor of Praxis volunteers. Georgia participates actively in trainers' groups and serves as a facilitator for Erasmus+ initiatives.




Antigone Nounou

Antigone is a Consultant, Project manager, Senior researcher and Strategist: over the years, Antigone has worked in a number of projects with significant positive social impact, for NGOs, charitable foundations and local authorities in Greece and abroad. Her work focuses on populations in danger of social exclusion, including refugees, low income and youth. She studied physics at the University of Athens, high energy theoretical physics at Imperial College, and philosophy of physics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to her engagement in projects with social impact, she held teaching and research positions at the University of Patras, University of Minnesota, National Hellenic Research Foundation and University of Athens, and was a visiting fellow at the University of Pittsburgh and Max Plank Institute in Dresden. She has also engaged in secondary education on various occasions early on in her working life.

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