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Ionut-Marian Ionescu

Hi, I am Marian, I'm 21 years old and I decided to joing Praxis Greece and believe in their mission because before I can change the world, I have to be that change.

Irene Bouraki


My name is Irene Bouraki and I teach English and Greek as foreign languages to all levels. I have studied English Language and Literature and my teaching journey started in 2016. I have taught both online and offline, both in Greece and abroad. I have taken part in various seminars about teaching and I have a certification from Trinity College about Teaching English as a Second Language My great passion however is non-formal education, and I became involved in youth work in 2014, by taking part in different local and international projects and workshops about leadership, adult education, human rights, spirituality, empowerment and communication. I've also taken part in an Erasmus academic exchange in Spain and this experience made me love sharing languages and cultures even more. I believe in self-development, learning by doing, story-telling to better understand ourselves and others and also educating our minds each day by taking little steps towards our goals.


Iria Torres Gutierrez


Hi everyone! My name is Iria and I'm from Valladolid, Spain. I have a degree in Journalism and I have a Master degree of Teaching Social Science... So now I am a teacher of History and Geography! I love listening to indie music, reading books - all the topics, all the genders but more history and thrillers - and, of course, I love travelling around the world. I have lived in Ireland, Poland, Australia.... and now Greece! I'm so excited with this new adventure and I hope to continue growing and learning from life!  And to ending I am feminist, antirracist and vegetarian.


Jesus Rosado Vazquez


Hiiiii. I am Jesús from Malaga in Spain. I'm studying photography, I love movies and watching anime. I'm volunteering at Serres with Praxis and I like the idea of helping refugees and the experience in radio is amazing.



Βίκη Κοτζαμπασίδου


I'm Vicky and I'm local resident of Serres. After finishing my studies I came back to my hometown without having something meaningful to be involved in. So I decided to join praxis as a volunteer. Why I believe I do something meaningful now? There is nothing more beautiful than offering to your society and same time improving yourself and skills and leave your impact!


Nikos Verros


Hello, my name is Nikos Verros. I was born and I live in Serres. In my free time I like to find ways to experience life from different views and learn more about the human nature. I’m interested about the harmonization between nature and human. That’s why my choices lead me joining the Praxis team to learn more about that and mainly for non-formal education. Also I like to meet, help and observe people trying figure out practical solutions for everyday esoteric problems. My experience so far with Erasmus + projects is still in progress but I can’t wait to expand it.


Julia Aguilar Cabello


Hi!! My name is Julia and I'm theatre director (at least, my degree sais that). I really love Greece since I came for doing erasmus, and a project involving radio, arts, learning, helping... All in this country, was just made for me! I think coming here has been one of my best choices ever. Ευχαριστώ Ελλάδα!


P.s: Shrek is the best movie of the century


Valeria Cangelosi


Hi everybody! My name is Valeria, I am 21 years old and I come from Palermo, Italy. I am a student of Political Science and International Relations passionated about geopolitics, human rights, history, and everything concerning the world we live in! Despite the fact that I love my Sicily, I always look for opportunities to travel the world. I have already lived in Czech Republic for 5 months, and this experience made me realize how much you can learn from discovering new places and meeting new people. In my opinion, travelling is the best antidote to ignorance in all its manifestations: racism, homophobia, machismo, xenophobia and so on. Well, from this small text, I guess you can understand by yourself the reason why I joined Praxis! What else? I am a Millennial in love with boomer music, reader, and deep conversations and true relations lover!




Konstantina Polymenopoulou


 My name is Konstantina and I live in Serres, Greece. I am a Social Worker and studied Social Work in Democritus University of Thrace.  I am a volunteer in Praxis. By volunteering I have the possibility of gaining new experiences, meeting new people and contributing  to the community of Serres. Also through my participation in Erasmus+ projects I gained non formal education experience and had the opportunity to learn how to interact more with other cultures. In Praxis I help the ESC volunteers on their campaigns and support them in order to integrate in the local community.



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Yeray Halifi Morales


Hello! My name is Yeray, nice to meet you! I'm 22 years old and I'm from Málaga, Spain. I love my region, Andalusia, and especially my city, it's great to have the mountains and the beach so close and enjoy good weather all the time.
I have studied a higher level training course in Social Integration and I am currently studying Social Work at the Málaga University. I love everything related to social issues, society and all that this implies, immersing myself in different cultures and understanding all the movements that happen.

I have always wanted to travel and live in Greece because I love its culture and I am a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest!

I have lived three months in Poland and it was the best experience of my life, from that moment I fell in love with the Slavic culture.

It is important to mention that I love music, I think that in music we can find all those emotions that we don't know how to express with words.




Maria Bollero Gonzalez


 I´m Maria, I’m 19 soon-to-turn-20, a virgo and I’m from Malaga, Andalucia, Spain.

This is my first time in Greece and I love everything I’ve seen so far in Serres (especially the eggplants rolls with philadelphia inside from ΜΠΑΚΑΛΙΚΟ!!!!)  AND EXCEPT FOR THE HOT WEATHER (I´ve never showered that many times per day!!!!!!!!!!)

I’m studying nursing, which is very important to me. At first I didn’t want to study that but when I started doing practical training at the hospital I created a lot of meaningful connections with people and I fell in love with the job.

I love traveling and sleeping, specifically, taking naps. Also I like to read (even if I dont do it as much as I want to), to have deep conversations and to really know people. Also I’m a vegetarian!

picture Ana

Ana Rojo Sanchez


Hello everybody!! I´m Ana, from Spain. I´m 22 years old and I´ve been volunteering in Praxis for two months. I considered myself as a joyful active girl. Since I love languages, I´m studying French Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada, my hometown. In my free time, I like reading, running and, of course, traveling. I do believe that each of us can do something to improve our society, and, for me, joining praxis Greece is the best way to be the change I want to see in the world. 

Past Volunteers


Panagiotis Moisidis

Ex Volunteer

My name is Moisidis Panagiotis-Georgios. I was born and I live in the city of Serres. I studied linguistics at the University of the Aegean and I have master degree in Education Sciences, Education using New Technologies. Furthermore, I have gained sufficient competence in adult education, while my scientific interests are related to the teaching of Greek as a second / foreign language, intercultural education, experiential education and education through new technologies. In Praxis, I voluntarily work as an external partner, mainly as a mentor and trainer of the EVS volunteers, with whom we organize several events and campaigns. Also, I teach English as a foreign language to beginner students. I love traveling and music, while I enjoy theater and poetry. I like sports and I support our city’s local club, Panserraikos.

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Margarita Keerd


I am Margarita Keerd from Estonia. I love languages, so far I know 4 and I intend to learn at least 4 more. I am fascinated with meeting people from diverse ethnical backgrounds. It is hard for me to stay in a ruitine for a long time, and in school I felt like I was sort of in a cage. For these 2 reasons I love Erasmus+ and have participated in many of their projects- it gives you a chance to broaden your horizon in an informal way, while working with people from different cultures


Melissa Mussa


Hi! I am Melissa and I am from Cologne in Germany. I just finished school and decided to do an EVS before I start to study. I chose this project because I want to gain experiences, see new parts of the world, meet and also help people. I am interested in science, engineering and music and I am excited to explore Greece and to be here in Serres.


Felix Neo Rieder


Hello, my name is Felix and I am from Germany. For me the voluntary service was a chance to develop myself as much as to help people and the society to develop. Furthermore it gives me the chance to prepare myself for working life and for studies which I will start this summer after the end of the mobility period. The reason why I choose this project was because it specifically demands various of skills from us like self initiative, organizing and communicating. I am glad to be here.

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Irene Suárez Macías


My name is Irene, I am from the Canary Islands (Spain) and I am a graduate in Pedagogy. I dedicate myself to non-formal education. I decided to do EVS because I believe that this opportunity opens your mind and makes you see the reality that we currently have in the world.

Karolin Kasper


Hey everyone! I'm Karolin and I'm from Estonia. In September 2020 I decided to move to Greece and take part in ESC voluntary service in Praxis.
I chose this project, because I wanted to challenge myself in a new environment and to gain more knowledge and experience in various aspects as well as to support the local community.
I am interested in travelling and exploring new cultures and countries. I am pretty energetic so I spend most of my time doing something active- hiking, workouts at the gym, daily walks etc.. I am very thankful for this experience!

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Lucila Piedra


I'm Lucila Piedra from Spain. I live in a town in the outskirts of Madrid. I am an enthusiastic, college graduate in journalism and photography. I am currently a volunteer in Praxis because I am interested in many social issues such as immigration, poverty, hunger, human rights, and women's rights.


Bjarne Hundt


Hi I'm Bjarne from cologne and I am doing my EVS here in Serres. I'm always full of energy and enthusiasm.


Chloé Daval


Hi I'm Chloé, I'm French and I study International Relations in Paris. For the summer, I wanted to gain experience at a professional level like communication or leadership skills, but also at a personal level. I decided to get involved in ESC because I could gain this experience while helping others. Also, sharing an apartment with volunteers from different cultures in a foreign country is very unique and enriching.

Mirzana Bexheti


I lived in Cologne for the last 7 years, where I studied law with a specialisation in human rights. For the next months, I will be in Serres. As far as the pandemic allows, I hope to travel more and see the center and south of Greece, as well. I enjoy practicing Yoga, doing pottery, putting together playlists, going for hikes and running. Ultimately I want to move to Berlin, but where I will end up and what I will do in the meantime, I don’t know. I’m learning to take things as they come.


Jordy Forget


We have always been said that travel trains youth, that’s true, my name is Jordy from France and I will tell you my story. I was lost, and I didn't know where shall I work and especially in which sector. At the age of 25 I was in a constant search of who I'm and with a huge lack of self confidence. I chosen the EVS to fight my fears, affirm myself, and working in an organisation with whitch I'm familiar, the media.

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Diana Martínez Rincón


Hola! I am Diana from Spain. I am teacher of children and I am also studying social education now. I like to help people and I wanted to be volunteer for many years, that´s why I am here in Serres 🙂 I enjoy a lot to be in company of good people and I love running and to improve myself everyday!


Paul Müller


Ahoi! My name is Paul. I was born in Cologne, Germany in September of 2001, a few days after the 09/11 catastrophe. I finished school in 2019.