Current Volunteers

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Ionut-Marian Ionescu


Hi, I am Marian, I'm 21 years old and I was born in Medgidia, Romania.

My passion is music and I plan to inspire and change the world.

Past Volunteers


Lioba Einhoff


Hi, I am Lioba, born in Cologne on the 3rd February 2000. I finished high school last summer and since November 2018 I am enjoying my time here in Greece, probably till August 2019. After the EVS I want to study, but I am not totally sure about the subject yet, maybe something about journalism and politics. I am looking forward to the summer because I want to travel and explore Greece!


Anastasios Veligradis


Γεια σας! Hello! My name is Anastasios Veligradis and I came here from Germany to work as a volunteer for Praxis. It was a choice I took two years before I started because on the one hand I was impressed about the campaigns and events Praxis is organizing. On the other hand it was an opportunity for me to live abroad and to come back to my roots. Until now I am really satisfied with what I’m doing and I hope that I also can help Praxis.


Johanna Dilling


Hello, My name is Johanna, I am 19 years old and from Cologne, Germany. My personal interests are reading, doing and listening music, dancing, traveling, photography and going on walks. I am doing an EVS for nine months in Greece and gonna stay until August 2019. During this time I hope to gain new experiences, meeting as much people as possible and explore Greece. At the moment i am enjoying the intercultural experience we have inside the Praxis team and the time I spent in Serres.


Jordy Forget


We have always been said that travel trains youth, that’s true, my name is Jordy from France and I will tell you my story. I was lost, and I didn't know where shall I work and especially in which sector. At the age of 25 I was in a constant search of who I'm and with a huge lack of self confidence. I chosen the EVS to fight my fears, affirm myself, and working in an organisation with whitch I'm familiar, the media.


Bjarne Hundt


Hi I'm Bjarne from cologne and I am doing my EVS here in Serres. I'm always full of energy and enthusiasm.


Felix Neo Rieder


Hello, my name is Felix and I am from Germany. For me the voluntary service was a chance to develop myself as much as to help people and the society to develop. Furthermore it gives me the chance to prepare myself for working life and for studies which I will start this summer after the end of the mobility period. The reason why I choose this project was because it specifically demands various of skills from us like self initiative, organizing and communicating. I am glad to be here.


Carlos Suarez Cruz


I am a web designer based in New York. I have a passion for web design and love to create for web and mobile devices. I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple persons.


Dora Sarolta


I consider myself as a person who is experienced in public speaking, teamwork and office work. I like to face struggles and turn them into something positive.


Petra Kantor


Hey! My name is Petra Kántor. I'm from Hungary and I'm a 20 years old volunteer in Praxis office. I'm studying to be a nature conservation engineer but my other goal is to be involved with social media.


Jaanika Malla


I am Jaanika from Estonia. I have a English philology degree and I wanted to explore the world once again, so now I'm helping out here in Praxis. I came here to develop myself as a person and to find out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am interested in languages, psychology and media.


Ananda Antón Linares

Hi, I am Ananda, born in Alicante (Spain) on the 2nd September 1994. I finished my degree in the University a year ago and since June 2019 I am enjoying my time here in Greece. After the EVS I want to go abroad and work as an advertiser or something related with children. I am a creative person who loves to do different things each day. I want to travel and explore Greece during my time here!
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Irene Suárez Macías


My name is Irene, I am from the Canary Islands (Spain) and I am a graduate in Pedagogy. I dedicate myself to non-formal education. I decided to do EVS because I believe that this opportunity opens your mind and makes you see the reality that we currently have in the world.

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Diana Martínez Rincón


Hola! I am Diana from Spain. I am teacher of children and I am also studying social education now. I like to help people and I wanted to be volunteer for many years, that´s why I am here in Serres 🙂 I enjoy a lot to be in company of good people and I love running and to improve myself everyday!

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Elisa Henke


I am Elisa, 17 years old and from Cologne in Germany. I finished school this year and decided to go abroad to gain experiences before studying. This project interested me because I wanted to work with refugees to improve their conditions and chances. In my free time I make a lot of music and sports but I'm also very interested in politics.


Christian Losa Moreno


My name is Christian Losa Moreno. I'm 24 years old. I´m from Spain, one small city in Ciudad Real, called Tomelloso but I studied Law in Madrid. During my studies I was working also in different jobs. This gave me responsibility at an early age. My personality could be defined in the following way: I am an enthusiastic, sociable, creative and responsible person, who enjoys learning about the different experiences and cultures. Travelling around the world is my passion. I really like to help people, to enter in all of social media. Finally, I am looking forward to having this experience with Praxis.


Paul Müller


Ahoi! My name is Paul. I was born in Cologne, Germany in September of 2001, a few days after the 09/11 catastrophe. I finished school in 2019.